Pricing Table

time slot rate per game rate per hour
before 5pm 5.00$ /game 30.00$ /hour
after 5pm 5.50$ /game 33.00$ /hour
before 5pm 5.00$ /game 30.00$ /hour
after 5pm 6.00$ /game 36.00$ /hour

What's New?


We’re ready when you’re ready

Although the forced Government closure has been difficult since March 16th of 2020 our team has been busy preparing for your arrival to ensure you feel safe and comfortable at Cloverleaf Lanes it has also given us time to

  • Warehouse and mechanics area were reorganized.
  • Maintenance and part replacement for bowling equipment was done

We will be following Government standards along with some of our own new procedures to ensure our center is a safe environment for everyone. Even with these measures in place, we understand and respect that not everyone will be comfortable getting back to bowling right away. When it's the right time for you, we'll be thrilled to see you on the lanes again!

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you back in our center!


Howard Grundman



Now that you're open, what are your hours?

We will be open to all guests every day from 12:00 PM and close daily at 10:00 PM. except Friday & Saturday midnight 24h

We are offering an exclusive time period for senior-only bowling every Monday through Friday morning from   9:30 AM – 11:30 AM. for senior groups of 24 or more (over 55, remember freedom 55?) Reservations are required.

What can I expect when I visit Cloverleaf Lanes?

We've teamed up with our network of bowling center owners to share ideas and gain insight into the best practices and procedures to implement for our industry. After a lot of planning we are confident these protocols will ensure everyone feels comfortable coming to Cloverleaf Lanes.

What to expect:


  • As mandated, employees will wear masks or shields
  • Commit to staying home if feeling unwell

Highly trained on all new procedures

  • Continuously sanitizing throughout the day
  • Deep cleaning every morning before we open
  • Multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the center
  • Disinfectant spray available throughout the center
  • Operating to respect mandated physical distancing standards between lanes, unless otherwise permitted
  • Plexiglass barriers at front desk. And the Bar
  • Moveable space dividers in the bowler’s area


  • Tabletops sanitized after every use
  • Rental shoes are sanitized on the outside and inside after use
  • Entire outside of each bowling ball and three holes are sanitized after use
  • Guests are strongly encouraged to use one ball and there should be no ball sharing between guests 
  • Arcade games will be sanitized regularly

Our team is here to make sure you enjoy your visit and feel comfortable at our center. If there is something, we can do to enhance your experience, please let us know!

How are you ensuring physical distancing?

We are taking every measure to make sure we abide by recommended guidelines for physical distancing. Here are some of the new implementations we have made:

All guests will need to enter through the main entrance. All other doors should only be used for exiting. This will allow us to accurately monitor the occupancy rate.

We have placed queue markers by the front desk to designate where groups should stand while in line.

We will be operating at less than full capacity as mandated by the authority. Social distancing standards will be maintained by keeping lanes closed on either side of groups. Groups may bowl on single lanes with no more than 6 people per lane. Reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment.

Can I bring my own bowling ball and/or shoes?

Absolutely! While we have thorough sanitation processes in place for both our house balls and rental shoes, we also welcome guests to bring their own.

We will even be sanitizing the ball returns after each group finishes their bowling, so guests can be assured that they are placing their bowling ball on a sanitized surface.

What are your prices?

Standard game and hourly rates have been slightly adjusted

Cosmos bowling will be available Saturday nights

Shoes may be rented for $3.50 per pair including hygiene gloves

Discounts packages remain available and unchanged

All acceptable coupons with August expiration dates will be honored until November 30th

When are you resuming league play?

As the saying goes, there's no time like the present! We are confident in our decision to safely resume league play and can't wait to welcome everyone back to Cloverleaf Lanes.

Winter leagues are now forming! Space is limited so if you have a league thinking of bowling at Cloverleaf contact our Manager for more information.

Will Tasty Bits restaurant be open?

Of course! When hunger strikes, Tasty Bits has you covered! You can order anything off the menu--

They will no longer have communal dispensers for coffee, condiments, straws, etc.

Tasty Bits will have plexiglass at the counter, as well as floor tape to designate a safe distance between patrons. The seating area will be arranged to respect the 6 feet apart

What about the Bar?

Bar stools will not be available in the bar. Guests are welcome to enjoy the sit-down section in the bar area with the assurance that we have arranged tables to respect 2-meter distancing.

Will your arcade be open?

Our arcade will be open and operating at half capacity. That means that every other game will be turned off as to provide enough distance between guests playing each game.

Our arcade games will be sanitized throughout the day.

Can I book a party?

We could all use a little celebration! When we say little, we mean that literally. Until further notice, we will only be able to accommodate parties of 10 people or less. Please note that all parties must be pre-booked through our management staff.

Get started with booking your event here!

Can I purchase a walk-in package?

Absolutely! We are still offering our popular Star package with no price change!!

Check out our pricing page on our website for all the details!


Theme Bowling

First in Quebec!

New game formats, such as Angry Birds, Pin Pix, and one ball 5-frame bowling games for kids combined with food theme packages, along with improved social media features are keeping our bowlers entertained and engaged. We now have 40 lanes of bumpers and 18 are bowler selected automatic!

Cosmos Bowling

The latest concept in bowling

Combine traditional bowling with an amazing glow-in-the-dark atmosphere and you have COSMOS BOWLING!

Feel the excitement with special effects overhead, colored lighting in motion sequences along each lane, glow-in-the-dark bowling balls and shoes, as well as great music.

Our centers are the place to be Friday and Saturday nights until midnight. Watch your favorite sporting event while enjoying the Cosmos experience.

Best place to be when you need to bowl


Since their installation in 2008, the 8 bowling alleys (5 pins and small ball) have been a huge success especially with children and seniors.



Join one of our leagues, individually or as a complete team! Enjoy the camaraderie of a team, the casual competition, while meeting new people.

League Scores


Should you wish to form your own league, we have a limited amount of lanes available daily for both Tenpin (large balls and pins) and Duckpin (small ball and pins) at various times.

300 Strikers

Here is the history of perfect games at our centre. With some practice, your name can be here too!

  • Christine Milsap
  • Bruce Hogan
  • Zachary Wilkins
  • Ted Wilson
  • Jordon Henwood
  • Tim Baltz
  • Dave Timmons
  • Hendryk Urbanski
  • Ron Corey
  • Ted Wilson
  • Mike Revelle
  • Chris McDonald
  • Chris McDonald
  • Corey Cyr
  • Ron Cyr
  • Hartwyn Urbanski
  • Andrew Blagojevic
  • Chris Lynch
  • Chris McDonald
  • Bill Robinson
  • Shawn Czop
  • Hartwyn Urbanski
  • Rich Henwood
  • Bryan Lynch
  • Corey Cyr
  • Ryan McCullough
  • Rick Potter Jr
  • Jordon Henwood
  • Dwayne Broad
  • Ron Lynch
  • Corey Cyr
  • Corey Cyr
  • Dave Veley
  • Jim Corrigan
  • Aaron Fagan
  • Ron Lynch
  • Corey Cyr
  • Mike Hobbs
  • Corey Cyr
  • Frank Leslie
  • Tim O'Brien
  • Dwayne Broad
  • Eric Schneider
  • Mike Hobbs
  • Eric Schneider
  • Bill Robinson
  • Dale Wagner
  • Bryan McMillan (JR)
  • Don Corcoran
  • Bill Potts
  • Shirley Urbanski
  • Rik Lindsay
  • Tim Parslow
  • Nick MacConnell
  • Don Corcoran
  • Mike Chase
  • Rob Monroe
  • Ken Spooner
  • Joanne Broad
  • Ken Diamond
  • Don Corcoran
  • Don Corcoran
  • Brian Woodcock
  • Stan Smith
  • Bruce Hogan